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Novice and advanced Photography Training Classes 

Studio2 Coalville are pleased to announce "the Lighting Classes" for 2024.


These classes are aimed at slightly more experienced photographers who have some knowledge and understanding of their camera/equipment and therefore will be able to take the planned pictures at each session with full training given to overcome challenges in technique.


Each class will be based upon a different theme and training will include a link to a video provided after booking, which has all the information that you will need to create the perfect picture.


All lighting will be set up for you, settings for lights will be given, so you will be able to start shooting straight after you have watched the video.


Please take note of what you will need to bring with you on the night - most modern DSLR cameras have the ability and potential to create the images in each session.


All classes are £10.00 per person





















As you will be creating some cutting edge photographs, you will need some equipment that you are confident in using.


1) DSLR Camera with Second Curtain Flash (or Slow Sync Flash).

2) A tripod which is able to hold your camera steadily.

3) A selection of lenses including the following (if you have them  - if not, you will still be able to create the images but not as exact as the guidance):   
- 24mm-200mm lens
- any macro lens
- 85mm lens
- alternatively bring what you have and we can advise you

4) A good knowedge and understanding of your camera settings and capabilities!


We will provide:


1) All the lighting (both flash, speedlites and static), plus props and models that you will need.


2) The studio (based on 1st floor level with no disabled access) or altenatively we will have classes at a location venue - plus a tutorial sheet to assist you in creating the planned perfect image.


3) At the start of each session we will be showing a video which will provide all of the information on the techniques we will be carrying out.


4) Importantly, free Tea/Coffee/Biscuits all night.  


5) Classes start at 19:30 and will last for a minimum of 2 hours. 



Ideas that we will be undertaking