Studio2 Coalville    

Thursday 20th June 2024 – American Independence Day Photoshoot


Unfortunately this was an event with very little attendance with only one paying photographer but three models. The photographer, Lindsay, did actually take some amazing pictures in readiness for 4th July and the owner of the studio, Adrian, also captured some fabulous images - in all honesty, it was a LOT of fun.


From cheerleaders, to American flag styled beachwear, recreation of a Bruce Springsteen album cover, and a little implied nude with flag-draped ladies, everyone had a giggle and made it a inspiring shoot.


Frankly I am blaming the football for the lack of bookings, but whose to say? Maybe the theme just wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and if anyone has any ideas or thoughts as to what type of things they would really like to shoot, feel free to drop us a line.


Regardless, you can see from the piccies below, we had a really good time.