Studio2 Coalville    

Sunday 19th May 2024


Studio 2 Weekender Event – Cyberpunk All Day Shoot.


Being honest, I wasn’t really sure how this was going to work, how successful it was going to be, or how truly “cyberpunk” the backdrops and settings were. I was admittedly nervous – hopeful, but really nervous … I had done a LOT of pushing the event beforehand and didn’t want it to be a total flop. I had been posting on various websites and social media groups, including Facebook, Twitter (aka X), Threads, Instagram, even TikTok! Along with as many photographer/model/studio event pages I could think of – Purple Port, Model Folio, Tog Days etc., etc., - so if you’re not aware of half of these pages/websites WE ADVERTISE ON THERE!! - get yourself signed up on there for more info regarding ours and other exciting events!


Anyhow, both myself and the studio owners worked super hard on the Saturday evening before the event, hanging backdrops, putting together creative lighting, a variety of UV and fluorescent themes. I was really unsure about some of them – all I could think was, this isn’t my idea of Cyberpunk – or what I have perceived to be from researching the style … BUT! OMG! The photos from the event were actually freaking amazing!! Which just goes to show how clever and creative these photo peeps are. With UV sabre-type hand-held coloured lights, some cleverly hung shapes and themes care of myself (head model Natasha), and co-owner Leigh, and well to be honest, fantastic lighting courtesy of co-owner Adrian, the output was AMAZING!! You have to see the photos to really appreciate what we were able to achieve but WOW!! What a team! And what a day!


Admittedly we only had a couple of photographers turn up, but we also raised the interest of a couple from an agency who came to model but really wanted to check us out to see if we were a safe space for their models (which we absolutely are! - security cameras in place where necessary and chaperones at all shoots wherever required!) - all of our lovely new arrivals seemed impressed with the facilities that we have on offer. Just in case you’re not aware, go check out our gallery of studio photos on the website – so many different shooting areas, and so many options for shoots.. it doesn’t seem to matter what the brief is, we are able to pull it off (yes, that sounds big-headed .. but even I was unsure today would work out, but ya know what? It really did!!).


If you’re interested in hiring our studio (with use of all of the lighting, props/outfit store, kitchen, all areas etc – and total discretion/safety/privacy guaranteed) – would like to join one of our bargain training sessions or want to attend one of our events as a photographer or model – get in touch! We’d love to have you visit us and help make more shoots as fab as today’s was :)