Model Levels

Our House Models work within the following Levels – which are agreed between the model and the photographer before any shoot takes place.

Portrait – Fully clothed portrait-style shots.

Fashion – Generally fully clothed, wearing particular outfits. These should be age appropriate as some outfits can be revealing. Check where possible what you will be wearing and that you are comfortable.

Lingerie and Swimwear – You need to be aware that some lingerie is see-through or very revealing. This type of work must be age appropriate.

Levels below are for OVER 18’s ONLY – any Photographer found to be requesting an under 18 year old for such levels will be asked to leave and reported for inappropriate behaviour towards a minor. No refunds will be given.

Implied topless or nude – You may be topless or nude but nothing on show. For instance, having props or products strategically placed.

Topless – You would be naked from the waist upwards.

Glamour – This covers virtually every modelling category from lingerie to explicit adult nude levels but again, this is for over 18’s only.

Adult – This for specialised models only and is only offered to certain (approved by the studio management) photographers and by certain models. We are not an adult studio but understand that some models/photographers wish to collaborate on such work.

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